Jozef Kováè H+H Trans is a family-owned company established in 1992. Together with our forwarding agency JOVI & H+H s.r.o., established in 2004 we carry out international transports in Europe. Our head office is in Imel, Slovakia.
           At the moment we work with 18 trucks. These are Volvo FH 460, 480 trucks and Schmitz tilt trailers with the following parameters: 13,62m inner length, 2,80m inner  height, load bearing capacity 24tons. One of our goals is to replace the old trucks with new ones every five years and to enlarge our truck fleet. Therefore are all of our trucks new and equipped with the modern EURO3,EURO5 motors. We are specialized in international transports from Hungary and Slovakia to Benelux and England, Germany, and have also gathered some experience in France and in other countries of EU. We are willing to work within other destinations as well.
We work with two drivers on every truck which allows us noticeably reduce the transit times. All our drivers are experienced, competent and work responsibly and punctually. The majority of them has been working with us for over 5 years.
           Our insurance policy is covered in Kooperatíva for the amount of  8000000 SK (app. 200.000 EUR) for every truck. In our own interest as well as in the interest of our clients we also have other insurance possibilities at our disposal. We are committed to providing excellent services.  We recognize the importance of people in delivering a quality service to our customers. If you are interested in co-operating with us or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
   H+H Trans offers you the following:

   - Experienced and reliable drivers
   - Short transit times – thanks to 2 drivers on each truck
   - Constant monitoring of the transport – every truck has a mobile phone and GPS       navigation system, WEBEYE, VOLVO - DYNAFLEET, online vehicle tracking
   - We meet the safety measures – every driver has a safety equipment (helmet, glasses,
     vest, steel cap shoes)
   - 17 years of experience in the international transport
   - High quality services

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